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This is Fahad Hosen. I’m professional Digital Marketer and SEO Specialist in Bangladesh. I have been working as a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh for three years.

Ever since I started planning my career as a freelancer, I have always wanted to be an SEO expert in Bangladesh. My passion has made me confident. Also, it helped me to take my knowledge to the next level.

As a White Hat and Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh, I’ve extensively researched all the Google algorithms for rank your website top on google. Also I am always updated with all kinds of Google Algorithm Updates in search engines.

My goal is to provide the best and highest value for my client’s investment and time.

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Who Is The Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh?
Well, now you may be wondering – “Who is the best SEO expert in Bangladesh?”

Undoubtedly, the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh is Fahad Hosen. I’ve been working for the past few years and has helped grow a huge number of businesses worldwide. Contact me today to improve the online presence and searchability of your business.

The reasons are as follows:

I’m up to date with the Google algorithm. As of this date, I have successfully completed 57+ SEO projects for fifteens of companies around the world.

In my SEO career, I have always tried to do something different by following all the rules of Google Webmaster to see search engine ranking results after implementing them. This sets me different apart from all those SEO experts in Bangladesh.

I have a big SEO team, all of who are experts like I am and who take great pride in providing you with the best quality of your business.

Remember one thing before you hire me as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh. Your order is not just a matter of money to me. I feel it as a responsibility to make you happy and satisfied with the quality that I provide.

I would like to mention one thing, I am better known as a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh because of my long career as an SEO Coordinator in Bangladesh.

Finally, once you approve my SEO proposal, I will start the work in a planned manner with my skilled SEO experts of my team.

If Your Ultimate Goals Are:
  • Rank website top on Google…

  • Improve online presence…

  • Increase leads and sales (Fast!)…

-You are in the right place.

As a Local SEO expert, I strictly follow White Hat SEO techniques. I have over the three years of experience in this field. However, I am working in Freelancer and Upwork. It’s helped me to grow my skills.

Do you have any local business idea? -If there is, you already know how important a local SEO expert is. If you have a local business, this sector helps you to improve the online presence and searchability of your business.

Without Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s hard to grow your business because it’s a core part of a business. You could say this is the heartbeat of your business. For this reason you need the Best SEO Service in Bangladesh.

Short Term SEO Tactics and Benefits

Here are some things I do to affect change quickly:

Optimize Your Site

This helps your website become more searchable. When potential customers search terms related to your brand, they’ll have a better chance of finding your website and becoming a buyer.

Optimization and Categorization for GMB

When user searches for a business/service near their location, they’ll find local results across Google, in places like Maps and Search. To improve your business’s local ranking, must need to use Google My Business.

Identify Broken Backlinks and Remove

To improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the website, I will find the toxic backlinks of the website and remove it. To get good results than all the competitors I will start link-building from high authority websites.

Install Search Console and Evaluate Data

Google Search Console helps to see if there are any technical issues with your website. If there is indexing issue on the website, it can be solved by looking at it. Which will help you take your business one step further by an SEO expert like me.

Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh | Benefits of Hiring

In order to get the highest benefit from your website, it is mandatory that you select a competent SEO service provider in Bangladesh with an experienced SEO team.

In order to get the most out of your website, you must choose a skilled SEO service provider in Bangladesh with an experienced SEO team. The team should have an experienced SEO writer, an experienced SEO consultant and an experienced SEO friendly web designer.

Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh offer a variety of SEO services including search engine optimization, web designing and development, social media optimization, link building, web promotion, and many more. It is highly recommended that you work with that SEO expert in Bangladesh, who has extensively researched all the Google algorithms for rank your website top on google. An SEO expert in Bangladesh will be able to help you achieve a high ranking for your website in the top search engines in a short time. An SEO expert in Bangladesh has the necessary experience and skills so that they can effectively deliver results to their clients in a timely manner.

What Are Your Business Goals This Year?

I will help to improve the online presence and searchability of your business!

Rank #1 on Google | Get More Leads | Show Up in Maps | Improve The Online Presence | Improve Searchability

As a Online Marketer and Whit Hat SEO Specialist, I customize a digital marketing strategy to improve the online presence and searchability of your business. Now I’m providing SEO services in Bangladesh with my experienced team members. Also provide the best SEO consultancy services for both small and large-scale businesses. I’m an experienced SEO expert in Bangladesh, will help you in achieving your business goals.

Essential SEO Services List


Keyword Analysis


Website Audit


Competitor Research


Blog Integration

On-site Optimization


GMB Optimization


Citation/ Link Building


Google SERP Ranking

My Services


SEO Course in Bangladesh

I conducted free practical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training group designed by Techflix.


SEO Consulting Services

Need help with business efforts? – My SEO consultancy services will help to drive traffic to your website.

Professional SEO Service

I provide the Best SEO Services to improve the online presence and searchability of your business.

Get The Best SEO Service In Bangladesh From Fahad Hosen

keyword- research

Keyword Analysis

Since keywords refer to your complete search campaign, keyword analysis should be your primary focus. I will find great and profitable keywords for your both small and large-scale businesses that will help you get potential customers.


On-site SEO

On-site SEO (also known as “on-page SEO”) is the practice of optimizing web pages content for search engines and users to rank top in search engines. General on-page SEO practices include optimizing title tags, content, internal links, and URLs.


Technical SEO

The most important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is technical SEO. In this part, I will look at the issues of whether the site is indexable & crawlable. If there is any kind of technical problem then I will solve it carefully.


SEO Audit

Search Engines rely on a number of factors to rank a website. I will audit the website to find out the reasons why your business is lagging behind your competitors. Then I provide a clear list of recommendations to help improve.


Link Building

Backlinks have always be a effective practice to get your site to rank higher and get more traffic. I don’t play games with search engine algorithms; I guarantee that Google will like your backlinks and your site will quickly reach page #1.


eCommerce Consulting

As an SEO expert and eCommerce consultant, I can assist you with advice on everything you need to achieve amazing results for your online business. I will also optimize your digital marketing channels/ plan to ensure the results you need.


Content Optimization

Content optimization is a crucial step in the SEO process. Keeping your website up to date is essential to your success. Proper optimization of your existing content can create more organic traffic, as well as improve the overall user experience.


Local SEO (Google Map)

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a website to increase traffic, leads and brand awareness from local search. I will optimizing a business’s GMB profile, and building “NAP” citations to increase traffic, leads and brand awareness from local search.


Website Design

Web design is a way of designing websites to make fully accessible and indexable by search engines. My skilled web developer will make a website in such a way search engines can crawl each page efficiently and index it in their database.

Why Hire Fahad Hosen For SEO Services

Fahad Hosen is the best SEO expert in Bangladesh because of using the industry’s best skills, trends, tactics, and tools for website organic growth through White Hat SEO.

Google Certified Skills

I’m a Google certified Digital Marketing and white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh. Also successfully done many Digital Marketing and Web Development Projects.

Experience with Proven SEO Strategies

Over the three years of experience with proven SEO strategies. I have enough skills to do any SEO projects. I’ve been doing SEO as a Senior SEO Coordinator at Techflix.

Skilled SEO Team

I’ve always dreamed of having my own SEO team with particular traits. And finally, I have a diverse team of SEO experts. They are all as efficient as I am and very caring about the projects.

SEO Strategy is Sorted Based on ROI

Calculating the ROI of SEO is similar to calculating the ROI of any other type of business investment. All you need is two numbers: what you will keep (cost), and what you will get (profit). I always design SEO techniques based on this ROI.

24/7 Customer Support

Delivering support to customers when they are in need of it is an absolute delight to customers. I will provide the highest level of attention and dedication to solve your problem. Call me freely for any query. Contact Number: +8801723984063
My Achievement in The SEO World

SEO Projects


SEO Batches


Brands I Have Worked With


Keyword Ranked


Digital Marketing Projects


Web Development Projects


Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the method of optimizing a site to getting targeted traffic from organic ranking of search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about progressing a website’s rankings in the organic (non paid) part of the search results.

Why do we need SEO?

Search engines know that customers will only use their search engine to get quality results. Google’s action is then to find the companies it feels are of the most quality. An SEO expert like me will optimized a site by following all the rules to be the best to Google. As a result improves online presence and searchability of your business.

Are you the best SEO expert in Bangladesh?

Over the three years, I’ve been doing SEO as a senior SEO coordinator at techflix IT company. Also successfully completed 57+ SEO projects. This makes me confident about the ranking of a website at the top of Google.

Why will you choose me for the best SEO service in Bangladesh?

I always work to provide you with VALUE which can improve the condition of your business. Doing my SEO work is not just a matter of money. I feel it as a responsibility to make you pleased and satisfied with the quality that I provide.

Slide See What's My Client Says About Me brand-logo Fahad Hosen is an excellent service provider. They never fails to make a good relationship with his customers. I purchase at least once a day sometimes more from him and he always give me the best service. Highly Recommend !!!! Ferdouse Khaleque Testimonials Slide See What's My Client Says About Me sevens-tough I'm glad I finally found this small busiess SEO service. I hope this platform will be consistent for long term business. Sevens Tough Testimonials Slide See What's My Client Says About Me mango-depot Wow! I have been purchasing content writing service for over a year. Their content writer is excellent. Mango Depot Testimonials Slide See What's My Client Says About Me pregnancy-miracle I have got 10 keyword rankings for my website from Fahad Hossain. Really he has been providing a great service for my online business so far. Pregnancy Miracle Testimonials

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